Goodguys Meguiar’s 15th Del Mar Nationals

Words by Tim Wong


The annual Goodguys Meguiar’s Del Mar Nationals returned this past weekend for its 15th year running to fill the Del Mar Fairgrounds and the surrounding area with thousands of classic cars. From muscle cars to restomod trucks, it was an amazing sight to see. I definitely don’t find myself at classic muscle car events enough, but there’s always so much to see and this show is a prime example of the variety in this community. There was a car show, vendor booths, swap meet, and auto cross all in one event.







I’m always glad to see restomods because they possess the perfect blend of modern technology and classic car styling.





Some were more custom than others.


















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A Is For Algorithm


You will be surprised to learn that I didn’t plan on posting about this.

I figured that anybody who has ever read my blog knows precisely where I stand on this issue.  So I left it in that barren wasteland where all unused posts go — DRAFTS.

But then tonight I read a blog post that broke my heart.

Most of you know my bloggin’ buddy, TwinDaddy of Finding Twindaddy.  He has a new job doing tech-ie stuff at a school, and he wrote about ALICE at his school in a post called “A Sad State of Affairs.”

Alice?  Who’s ALICE?

Alice is an acronym that stands for:  Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate.  The drills that students, teachers and administrators of our American — Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition — schools must perform periodically so that everybody is ready in the event that an active shooter comes…

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Nasa’s Curiosity rover finds water below surface of Mars

Audio Visual Communication

New measurements from the Gale crater contradict theories that the planet is too cold for liquid water to exist, but Mars still considered hostile to life Mars has liquid water just below its surface, according to new measurements by Nasa?s…


The latest findings suggest that Martian soil is damp with liquid brine, due to the presence of a salt that significantly lowers the freezing point of water. When mixed with calcium perchlorate liquid water can exist down to around -70C, and the salt also soaks up watervaporfrom theatmosphere…

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