ISIS Sets Up Facebook Rival 5ehlafabook (‘caliphate-book’) in Response to Social Media Crackdown

Universal Journal Review Supporters of Islamic State have set up “5elafabook”, a website that aims to become an alternative to mainstream social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter amid a crackdown against the group’s online followers.

The website, which aims to support content in seven languages including Portuguese and Javanese, is hosted by London-based web hosting company GoDaddy.

5elafabook models itself on Facebook, with users able to create their own online profiles complete with avatars and personal information. The site also boasts a messaging service and a side-bar highlighting hashtags trending on the site.

The network’s name is taken from the Arabic word for caliphate, khilafa; “5”, in the site’s name, comes from that number indicating “kh” when used in Arabic. IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared himself head of a “worldwide caliphate” last June…


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