Make it Count Monday!



Make it Count Monday!  As a business owner or sales rep you need to understand the value of consistency.  Small productive/positive actions done daily will add up to big success over time.

Many times I think that people dont begin a task because they are overwhelmed by the size of it.

Right now at local30 – we have a goal in place.  We know that we really want to be at 1,000 members.  But that seems pretty out there since we just started the first #mylocal30 group a few months ago.  Instead of focusing on the big goal of 1,000 members we are focusing on getting to our first 100 members (which will be soon and very exciting).

Break your tasks/goals into more manageable projects.  One goal leads to the next.  Once we have 100 members I promise you; we wont stop there – we will focus on 250….then 500….then…

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