Documentaries That Shall Not Be Named

The Narrator

What the Elected members of Government fear more than a riled up mass? The Masses with knowledge. With the Onslaught of the Internet where Information can be obtained at a touch of a button or better yet a swipe of the pad, Censorship is the new trend for those who assume we can’t decide for our selves. Since every deed, every action domestic or International can be seen, analysed and decided upon by the electoral, there would be no way we could be misinformed unlike the American Citizens about Gulf War 2 . But there are cases were more attention was brought to the Issue by trying to suppress it than it would have by letting it remain.

1. Dubai arrests US citizen on anti Slander law. The Jailed Party ripped his UAE based firm a new one on his Facebook wall while he was in the US cause he felt…

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