How to Combat Your Social Media Zombies

here and loathing


We are currently experiencing a state of social media apocalypse. Exes, old coworkers, people you vaguely knew from high school andsocial circles– they’re zombies. They have thrust their hands through the topsoil of your past, extricated themselves from their graves, and have limped to a nearby computer to access the web to send you a multi-platform social media friend request.

Consider the zombie: a person you forgot or otherwise intentionally excised from your life, because maintaining a friendship was too difficult, irrelevant, or was linked to great bundles of shame that you weighed down with rocks and flung into a river (the one that ran under the bridge of your friendship, before you burned it). They connect with you on social media, but you don’t interact with each other, either virtually or in real life– it’s a dead line of communication, yet you’re still both allowing it under…

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