The Two Patriarchies, and Why Skateistan Rules

Gasoline Gypsy

Skateistan International Women's Day 2014On International Women’s Day I noticed on my Facebook newsfeed a lot of celebration of women from developing countries, and countries that have had a history of oppressing women. The photos show women who have raised themselves up and rebelled for the sake of their daughters and sisters, and taken on daring roles in their community. As a Westerner, and a feminist, I just soak it up because the challenge against patriarchy is so blatant. Here we have a form of patriarchy towards women and girls in a country where men of extremist beliefs try to oppress them by denying them access to education, opportunity, and the right to voice their hopes, in the name of religious dogma. Essentially, this is a human rights violation and it is obvious. It is such a relief to celebrate the accomplishments of these women because they truly are brave and courageous.

Meanwhile, in…

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