Why Does Freebie Marketing Work? A Case Study on FREE DONUTS

Some Media Madness

First off, what is freebie marketing? According to Wikipedia, it is a business model in which items are given away for free or at a low price in order to increase sales. 

Last week, some friends and I launched a ‘A Doughnut For Your Thoughts’ campaign in Portland Building in University of Nottingham. Our campaign aimed to collect students’ opinion on areas such as marks and feedback of coursework and examinations. Each participant would be rewarded a free jam donut after completing the short but interactive survey. With a low budget of only £50, we managed to collect over 350 student’s voices. We received excellent feedback for our creative approach and of course, our instant gratification initiative. Can’t say no to free food!

But what are the reasons behind this success?

  • Instant gratification 
    People have a desire for immediacy. Free donuts act as an incentive for most. Participants…

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