Your Response to The “Thirst Trap”

The IronLion's Den

Urban Dictionary lists the definition of the “Thirst Trap” as follows:

When a female posts a photo or status of herself being cute or sad or in whatever mood she is, and she either dresses normal or shows more skin than normal in the photo, with the direct or indirect intent of having men post compliments to her in either soft, nice or vulgar terms.
Thirst Traps have become all the rage on social media. So much so, that it now seems to be the new “normal”. Thirst Traps give men a wonderful amount of skin to behold from their favorite celebrities, makeshift, wanna-be models and even friends. I personally don’t have a problem with Thirst Traps. I do however, have a problem with the way men respond to them.
So the woman I’m going to use for an example, is none other than the most recognizable female…

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