8 Easy Steps to Increasing Blog Traffic Using Google AdWords


Driving Blog Traffic Use Google AdWords and search engines will be able to find your blog posts.

1.17 billion people use Google search.  Do you wonder why they don’t find your writing?  If you do, you are like I was, until just a few days ago.

I had a conversation with a blogger who has been determined to get traffic.  Her efforts have succeeded in large part due to her use of Google AdWords.

Recently my husband was making a brisket and Googled a recipe.  He explained he thought the Google employees put all those answers on the Internet.  He told me he didn’t realize he was reading the work of regular people, regular people like you.

You work hard on your blog posts.  You put in hours of time.  Potential readers should be able to find you, and not the myriad of other bloggers out there, in other words, your competition.  This…

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