Keywords Choice and understanding the competition

Zohaib's World

For the choice of best keywords, First step is brainstorming. Assume yourself as a customer and try to identify what keywords are the users looking for.
Simple starting point of brainstorming is Google suggestions. type something in Google search and you will see a drop-down, telling you some related options.
These are the words which are mostly being searched by Google.
Note down the suggestion as we are going to use them to identify the search volume of each suggestion describing its popularity over the internet.
Next step in brainstorming is the top questions that a user can ask. for example regarding cupcake example One might say Do you have gluten free cupcakes.

Now lets see another tool called as Google keyword planner. It is a part of Google AdWords so all you need is to have a Google Adwords account.
When you go in Google Adwords go to tool…

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