Struggling social network Google+ is about to be broken up

FOX31 Denver

NEW YORK — Google+ is about to get broken up.

The search giant’s tepidly embraced social network is going to reorganize around its two standout products — photos and hangouts — as well as a newly named social feed called “streams,” Google’s product chief Sundar Pichai said at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona,

Pichai didn’t give a timeline for when Google+ will be rebranded. A spokesman for Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Google+ debuted in June 2011 as Google’s answer to Facebook. The social network was advertised as a social network built from the ground up with privacy in mind, allowing people to share items with specific “Circles” of friends, family, coworkers and other groups. But it wasn’t long before Facebook built a similar feature.

Google has stopped providing statistics about the number of Google+ users, but it had more than 300 million active…

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