… and that has made all the difference

The Untenable Position of a Whale

A well worn path is not always the surest way to your destination.


There was a gap in the wall.

I can’t even quite explain how I had noticed it in the first place. It was nearly invisible to anyone that might pass by, but I was drawn to it, so I slipped through.

On the other side of the wall, I found myself in a forest. It was obvious that I was not the first person to have found this gap in the wall, however all but the first few steps of the path were covered in overgrowth of bramble and thorns.

But there was a path.

It wasn’t like the trails that I had followed in my youth, more like a deer path than anything, but there was a path.

Those were the first tenuous steps that I took on that path, it is now one…

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