“Ayya’s Accounts” – Anand Pandian

The Human Experience

“I was never one to tell the children they ought to do one thing or another.  Their mother, though, was willing to say such things to them.  She would tell me her worries.  ‘fine,’ I’d say to her, ‘you do as you wish.’  What I knew was the fruit trade, and nothing else.  This was all that I was able to study, these were the lessons of my experience.  What the children had learned was something else altogether.  Doctors learned how to save lives.  Engineering had its own subtleties.  There were important differences between these things.  I believed that each of them would come forward in life with what they had studied.  It wasn’t right for me to make decisions for them, given what I knew.  It was best to leave them free to do as they wished.”

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