Conversations with my ego

Stop. Smile. Breathe.

It never fails: when ego appears I am invariably disassociated from my best thinking and the necessary humility which results in the best possible end result to any situation.

This isn’t to say ego is always a bad thing.  There are times when I know my ego is important to my evolution in how I both view the world (and the world views me.)  As an example, without the strengthening of my ego I might not have been able to overcome the adversities confronting me as a younger man.  Without a healthy ego I would not have been able to slowly grow towards learning how to love myself, embrace my defects and hone what I would learn were my many assets towards a better understanding for how to navigate this planet successfully.

Without the positive elements of ego I am not likely to believe in myself, the things I am able to do and the…

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