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I was born in Hamburg on the 24 january 1980.

Quotes for the Shape I’m In

Small Town Dreamer

I thought I was doing better.

I’m getting over this cold & I notice my mind is still torn up. It doesn’t stop thinking while my body is over tired. I slept in until 11 today. I haven’t done that since 11th grade!! It’s like every time I’m sick, I feel extra lonley. Although, maybe I’m just lonley all together. Whatever the case, it’s all driving me nuts!

With all this funk, at least I still have my wits. I watch MASH to make me laugh, I play games since I’m bored. I also have read many quotes to uplift my soul. For the shape I’m in, you can say I’m getting better slowly. Here are some quotes for anyone out there who feels the same. Enjoy!

The first photo-quotewas really for the girls who are sick of having to explain emotions, reasons, etc. The…

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Alexisonfire’s Mystery Announcement Revealed

Talk Music To Me

After giving fans the biggest surprise on Friday with a brand new Instagram account and a photo that was updated on every single social media account associated with them, Alexisonfire have finally revealed their “BIG NEWS”: they’ll be reuniting.

Now, before we get too ahead of ourselves and give everyone high hopes of a massive tour, the band posted an image on Twitter (and probably every other social media account of theirs) with a list of festival names which they will be performing at.

One of the stops includes Riot Fest Toronto. Coincidentally, or not, festival organizers had announced the Riot Fest dates the day prior to Alexisonfire’s big tease.

The other festivals on the list include: Heavy Montreal (Aug. 7-9), Reading and Leeds (Aug. 28-30), SONiC BOOM and X-Fest (Sept. 5-6) and of course Riot Fest (Sept. 19-20).

While most of the festival dates are for Canadian and British…

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